SAAL Photo Booklet

So for the Third time, I'm back reviewing for Saal Digital; a print company based out of Germany that appear to have taken Social Media by storm this year. As my previous reviews have pointed out, from both the wall art, and the photo book, I've been consistently impressed with the print quality and attention to detail.

I ended up getting the photo booklet here, which is available in a number of different sizes. I went for the 7x5" option, but the booklets are available from 6x4" right through to 12x16", with pages ranging from 16-48 depending on your budget (although these are all reasonably priced). 

The reason behind the photo booklet was to showcase highlights of a recent wedding to perspective customers, alongside the photo book, which I use to show what is included with packages, as well as a selection of my images from the last few years.

Now that I am used to the software, which I admit that I have struggled with in the last, it is very straightforward to use, and I like being able to full screen previews and export them as PDF's for others to check (really useful for checking bleeds). The one thing I will mention, is that the software shows your the double page spread, so I ended up printing my logo on the  back rather than front, so just be careful to thoroughly check everything before you send it to print. 

Once again, I was very impressed with the lead time, and it was couriered to my door within a matter of days, with DHL tracking available at every step. 

As soon as I opened the package, I was surprised at the thickness of it, 48 pages seemed like nothing, but the paper is a beefy 200g/m², and feels very good quality to the touch. The binding is metal, and feels well manufactured, whilst the clear plastic protectors on the front and rear is a nice touch.

I've said this before, but the quality of the printing is flawless as I've almost come to expect, with colours looking rich and punchy, helped by the downloadable ICC profiles for Photoshop. 

9/10 – I would love to be able to change the paper thickness to maybe a 300g/m² and sacrifice a few pages. That being said, I love the large number of pages and options available. I will definitely be purchasing routinely to keep clients updated with new work, without the hassle and expense of a photo book, and the booklets appear to have a large number of uses across a lot of industries. I'm slowly moving all of my printing over to SAAL, and I have no issues at all recommending others to do the same!!

SAAL Photobook review

So this is my second review for Saal Digital, after reviewing their fantastic wall décor a couple of weeks ago. Off the back of that, I had very high expectations, as the overall quality of the print was fantastic.

So the photobook was again couriered in by DHL, and took only 4 working days from me placing the order, to it arriving on my doorstep, which is a fantastic lead time from a business point of view.

The software again is very straightforward to use, and coming from another company’s software, I found the transition very easy, and I especially like the fact that previews can be exported as a PDF, which is great for proofing.

The product I ended up going for is the 28x19cm with a 36-page matte finish. I upgraded to the padded cover, and to remove the barcode. This came in at around £55 with postage, which is very competitive for the quality provided. There are so many combinations of paper size, colour, orientations and covers to choose from, that the books rally can suit any occasion.

The actual quality of the printing is really where SAAL excel here, with images being sharp, and colours being vibrant and showing a nice depth, with a fairly accurate colour palette, something that is quite refreshing to see.

I would highly recommend these books to any photographer looking to charge for prints, or even consumers looking to print memories. The high quality printing, combined with an easy to use service and intuitive software provides a fantastic overall experience

4.5/5 – I would love to be able to change the paper thickness to go for a thicker, more premium paper. My only small issue, which is only down to my unfamiliarity in the software, was that it was not clear/there was no option given, to not print on the inside covers, which was something I wasn’t aware of.


Saal Digital Print

So last week I saw a post online looking for professionals to review products from a print company, Saal Digital. At first I was a little apprehensive, being offered a wall décor of my choosing, in a finish of my choosing, to one of my own images. Looking further into it, I assumed there would be a catch, but everything looked to be of a very high standard, being manufactured in Germany.

There were several options available to me; Acrylic glass, Foamboard, Canvas, and two styles of Alu-Dibond metal finishes. As someone who works in the wedding industry, I have found Canvas’ and Photobooks to be the two most popular print items. (Photobook review to follow). However, there was a particular image that I took on a personal trip last year that I wanted to see on a larger format.


Saal claims that “The acrylic print features bright colours and fascinating spatial depth. It is suited for different images, be it fantastic landscape or unique architecture photographs. Your images will come to life on the acrylic surface” which sold me on that style, as brightness and depth are two qualities needed from an astro photography image.

The ordering process is super simple - download a really simple bit of software, select your image, finish and size and you’re away. I went for a 12 x 16 with the standard mounting which I am very happy with as everything remains hidden, whilst being slightly raised from the wall, though other options are available for a little extra. One thing that is important at the ordering stage is to correctly prep your image for print. This can be done by easily downloading the correct ICC colour profile from Saal’s website, and pre-cropping everything so there are no nasty surprises when you receive the print. This is a really nice touch, and something which a lot of larger companies do not offer.

Standoffs are easy to affix, with an adhesive wall protector to stop any marks to paintwork

Delivery was very quick, and only took 5 days to be couriered to me (UK based), and everything came well packaged.

Onto the actual print quality! Saal claim that the acrylic finish has a 4 star resolution (slightly lower than the other finishes mentioned), but this is not something that I saw in the final result. The image was taken on a Canon 6D with the 14mm 2.8L Lens. The colours seem to pop and finer details in the stars appear to be well resolved. The finish itself seems well made, with no unsmooth edges across the corners, which you can get with lower quality products.

Overall, I am really happy with the quality of this, and am really excited to review the photobook!! I would definitely recommend this company, and will use them for all client work forthcoming!!